The EHSQ Alliance Conference – Welcome to Austin!

Collaborating with industry experts and discover innovative solutions will help you be your best, no matter your industry, role, or company size.

We look forward to welcoming you in Austin, TX,
April 18-20, 2018 for The EHSQ Alliance Conference 2018.

Fairmont Austin
101 Red River St,
Austin, TX 78701, USA
+1 512-600-2000

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Frequently Asked Questions

This helpful guide will answer your frequently asked questions regarding the conference.

Conference Overview (1 page summary) 

This reference guide provides a summary of the conference key details.

Business Case Letter 

Each attendee has a unique approval process when trying to secure budget to attend our conference! Feel free to use this document as a starting place for discussions with your manager.

Partners & Sponsorship Opportunities

Explore Sponsorships and Industry Connections.

Forge and strengthen partnerships and connect with hundreds of attendees – from business decision-makers to channel leaders to C-suite executives.  You will uncover opportunities to make new connections and explore innovative solutions with partners, experts and Intelex team members.

  • "It's been extremely key in helping me to make contact with other Intelex users and learn about their experiences, to meet the Intelex team and I'm really looking forward to the workshops to learn more about the new products."
    Tracey Gunson
  • "It's a great networking experience, we met people last year and continue to communicate with them and bounce ideas off them."
    Ashlee Bronson
  • "You get these ideas that never would have thought were possible, and then think 'ah ha!'."
    Ashlee Bronson
  • "When we first started, we didn't know how we were going to do it, but after this conference, I feel confident we have the tools. I recommend to anyone even if you're considering to come, this is a great conference to come to because it's definitely a big help."
    Amber Batch
  • "Sometimes you feel you're out on an island, but coming here you see that other people have similar obstacles and you can share ideas and see how other people use the system. That was the thing I was looking for most and the thing I got the most out of."
    Brenda Hamilton
  • "We had a very positive experience last year. We learned so many things. Our whole flight home was "how can we do this, and this, and this…". We made a list of all the things we learned, worked through them and then thought 'ok, what can we improve next'."
    Ashlee Bronson
  • "I found it to be extremely beneficial. I feel I have been equipped with the tools to move forward and create a jumping off point for the business."
    Amber Batch
  • "Definitely beneficial. It's cool to see what's coming up with Intelex and see how we can use it in the future."
    Aaron Fralish