Unlock the potential and transform your skills, team and business.

Changing Business for Good, Together.

Thanks to the unsung heroes of EHSQ, organizations everywhere go above and beyond for their employees, for communities, and for the world. Join us in Austin, Texas April 18-20, 2018 to take your organization to the next level.

Spend three days with over 700 EHSQ heroes, learning the depth and power of the Intelex system, exploring The Alliance in Action Zone, networking with industry professionals, and participating in training sessions, practice sessions, and case studies.

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Learn directly from power-users on their successes in Case Study and Best Practice sessions.

Bring your partnerships to life and participate in 1:1 demos and roundtables with industry experts, implementation experience, diverse backgrounds and industry knowledge.

Develop your skills with hands-on experience with group training sessions from industry experts.

Network at The Alliance in Action Zone to build new business and expand your network.

Discover Intelex product zones, the Intelex Awards centre, EHSQ Alliance experience booth and explore business solutions with industry partners

Join fellow EHSQ heroes for a fabulous night of networking. Kick back after a busy conference day and enjoy food, drinks, and live entertainment.

Your innovative ideas make this industry ecosystem vibrant and meaningful. Join us in Austin, Texas, April 18-20, 2018.

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  • "It's been extremely key in helping me to make contact with other Intelex users and learn about their experiences, to meet the Intelex team and I'm really looking forward to the workshops to learn more about the new products."
    Tracey Gunson, Group Quality Project Leader, IPL
  • "It's a great networking experience, we met people last year and continue to communicate with them and bounce ideas off them."
    Ashlee Bronson, Quality System Coordinator, Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging
  • "You get these ideas that never would have thought were possible, and then think 'ah ha!'."
    Ashlee Bronson, Quality System Coordinator, Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging
  • "When we first started, we didn't know how we were going to do it, but after this conference, I feel confident we have the tools. I recommend to anyone even if you're considering to come, this is a great conference to come to because it's definitely a big help."
    Amber Batch, Data Technician, EQT Corporation
  • "Sometimes you feel you're out on an island, but coming here you see that other people have similar obstacles and you can share ideas and see how other people use the system. That was the thing I was looking for most and the thing I got the most out of."
    Brenda Hamilton, Workers Compensation Analyst, JG Boswell