Intelex is proud to present
The EHSQ Alliance Executive summit 2018!

Environmental, health & safety and Quality (EHSQ) issues have moved beyond the compliance team to the forefront of leadership discussion on how businesses work smarter, be top-tier places of employment, and rank higher as the preferred choice of their customers.

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Discover a whole world of innovation that will transform EHSQ

It’s about managing the things that matter to people; like creating safer workplaces, delivering higher-quality products and services, and doing the right thing when it comes to our global environment. Today’s state-of-the-art EHSQ software solutions are risk-mitigating management systems to support an organization to set a path of safer, smarter and sustainable operations and avert costly incidents.

Through deep-dive discussions and case-study panels, the Executive Summit will focus on proactive risk-based thinking, impacts of global economics on current business operations and evolving global regulations which force organizational change.

Learn from other EHSQ Executives around the world

Executive Summit speakers are global leaders, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders who have challenged the status quo in their own unique ways, which means they’ll open your eyes to new possibilities and paths you’ve never imagined.

Stay tuned for this year’s speakers line-up.

Highlights from 2017

  • 100+ global leaders attended the 1-day Executive Summit
  • Keynote speaker Billy Beane, EVP, The Oakland A’s
  • A case study featuring Qantas Airlines
  • CEO Panelists:
    David Metcalfe, CEO & Co-Founder, Verdantix
    Mark Jaine, CEO & President, Intelex
    Shawn Doherty, Global Commercial Director, ERM,
    Sean Petterson, CEO, StrongArm Technologies
    Chris Wiegand, CEO, Jibestream


We will be proud to host you – please be our guest. ($0 fee)

Please be our guest and join a select group of senior leaders to an ‘invitation-only’, one-day Executive Summit on Wednesday, April 18 as a pre-conference day to the 2018 EHSQ Alliance Industry Conference (formerly known as the Intelex User Conference) in Austin, TX, hosted by Intelex at the Fairmont Austin, on Wednesday, April 18-20, 2018.

Going forward, this signature Intelex event for the user community, will be known as The EHSQ Alliance Conference. By adopting this name, we’re aligning the conference with ESHQ Alliance. Intelex CEO Mark Jaine revealed his vision of the EHSQ Alliance at last year’s conference. He describes the Alliance as an effort to foster a collaborative community that together through the sharing of intelligence and insights will accelerate global EHSQ performance and spur innovation in ways that are impossible to achieve individually.

Although the Executive Summit invitation is non-transferable, recommendations are welcomed. Please email and we’ll be happy to send an invitation to your recommended contact, with you in cc.

Austin, Texas

We look forward to welcoming you in Austin, TX,
April 18, 2018 for The EHSQ Alliance Executive Summit.

Fairmont Austin
101 Red River St,
Austin, TX 78701, USA
+1 512-600-2000

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Executive Summit Schedule

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  • "We've had an opportunity to hear from all stakeholders groups on how we can actually manage those challenges as well as sharing some of our best practices and solutions with one another."
    Kathy A. Seabrook
  • "The Executive Summit was really excellent and I'm very glad I was asked to participate. I've gotten a lot of information that would indicate other organizations are experiencing the same or similar opportunities, challenges and barriers, so to get that feedback and to understand how other senior leaders are dealing with these situations is priceless."
    Adrian Morgan
  • "Intelex is demonstrating leadership with not only the Executive Summit, but the EHSQ forum we’re experiencing today.  It's catalyzing thinking, the people and technology where we share best practices, so we can continuously evolve the thinking, the technology and improve business performance across the world. That is the collective goal of this audience at the Executive Summit."
    Vijay Gudivaka
  • "Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I believe what Intelex has done by bringing all these stakeholder groups together, is so important because you get all these different perspectives on how to execute an integrated management system concept. A lot of the things we've heard today and are actively talking about is the engagement of the people, organizational development, leadership commitment and really understanding process."
    Kathy A. Seabrook
  • In our case, we are so diverse in the operations that it's difficult to find the right benchmark. In many cases, it's a combination of that we have to match up. With the Intelex Alliance, the idea of benchmarking with other companies on all fronts of EHSQ, I'm hoping will give us the ability to get a lot higher quality information than we could get from any other source.
    Charley Kubler
  • "Intelex put on a great set of sessions today at the Executive Summit, with industry executives, technology executives, leaders who are looking to do more with technology and data. It was a great variety with valuable content and I can't wait to come back next year."
    Shawn Doherty